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In Canada today 17,000 women are living with ovarian cancer; 2,600 more will be diagnosed this year, and of those, 70% will not survive five years. With vague symptoms and no early detection test, ovarian cancer is the most fatal women's cancer.
TJ Disposals wants to help change those statistics.
We are asking you to add a $1 donation to your monthly bill per bin tip for the next 12 months!! For every donation we receive, TJ Disposals will donate $1. We do between 400-500 tips per month. Lets work the math!!
Based on 500 tips per month
500 tips per month = $500 customer donations per month
500 donations per month = $500 TJ Disposals donations per month
Total = up to $1000 per month, for 12 months! With your help, at $1 per tip, we can possibly raise up to $12,000 for Ovarian Cancer Canada.
Let us know you want to be a part of this program and help us support newly diagnosed women and those living with this disease.


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